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Refuting Rabbinic Judaism


With pinpoint accuracy, flawless precision and in absolute defiance to rabbinic Judaism, it was through the prophet Daniel that the LORD God revealed the exact month and year in which the Messiah would make His entrance into the world and establish the New Covenant. This prophecy, found in Daniel 9:24-27, records the words of the angel Gabriel. The first teaching on the left, titled “The Seventy Weeks of Daniel,” proves beyond doubt that it is Jesus alone who fulfilled this prophecy.

In spite of this, counter-missionaries all over the world are filled with hatred for Jesus the Messiah and campaign against Him with a tidal wave of shameless misinformation. In order to promote their agenda, a doctrine based on the precept of men, they use lies, tricks, schemes, Bible gymnastics, and their self-proclamation that only they have the authority to translate and interpret the Hebrew Scriptures.

YHWH warns against their teachings as it is written, “For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.” – Isaiah 9:16

Throughout the centuries, rabbinic Judaism’s defenders have had an obligation to show their people, the Jews, the truth. For the last two thousand years, they have failed miserably! As a result of their absence of knowledge, false wisdom, and misunderstanding of important doctrinal issues, they have led their own people into spiritual darkness and despair.

This section of the King Messiah Project is dedicated to the descendents of Jacob, God’s chosen people. It comes with an urgent plea to read the teachings in this section with an open mind. Feel free to send an email with any of your questions from the Home page on this site.

The information contained herein is also provided as a learning tool for the believers in Jesus the Messiah. In these last days, it is imperative that we come together in a unified effort to boldly proclaim the Gospel message in a clear and understandable manner to all who are willing to listen. Share this site with others and encourage them to do the same. Even though the battle belongs to the LORD and He is in control, you can help make a difference.

Finally, the owner of this site stands behind every teaching that is posted and is willing to defend it. I challenge any reputed counter-missionary to discuss or debate these critical doctrinal issues in a public forum while, at the same time, making two small requests. First, any exchange should be done with mutual respect for one another’s faith. Secondly, both sides reserve the right to record these debates and/or discussions to be used for their own personal ministries.

It is time for the world to find out the truth...Is Jesus the Messiah or not? To Rabbinic Judaism, a challenge is being made. Can you defend your position? If you believe you are able, contact this ministry. Remember, there is only one truth!

Should any reputed counter-missionary decide to accept this public challenge, a Special Announcement will be posted on the Home page of this site. In the meantime, God Bless you all.

The King Messiah Project